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London Calling

By 30/07/2016August 24th, 2018No Comments

Maybe I am repeating myself, but if you haven’t already read any of my previous posts please take note that I am not a city person. The busier the city, the more I tend to stay away. It seems that I have a limit on the amount of time I can spend in a busy city like London. Usually after a couple of days I feel the need to get out and escape from the huge amount of people and traffic. This short trip to London reminded me of this, since after two days I was dead tired and felt the need of some clean air. In my head I kept repeating the song Runnin’ by Beyoncé since everyone in London seems to be rushing to go somewhere.

I don’t want you to get the wrong message, I was very excited for this trip and had been looking forward for it for months. I had been to the London 8 years ago, however the first time I had been there I did not have the opportunity to visit the most famous landmarks. So for this trip I had to make sure to visit the most famous landmarks and my main photographic targets were the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge in the evening. I carefully planned some sightseeing for the mornings and some laid back time in the afternoons as I was not alone and did not want anyone to get bored.

The highlight of this trip was the visit to Borough Market. I love markets and try to include a visit to a market everywhere I go. I am a food lover and going to a market for me represents an opportunity to get a closer look at the local ingredients which aren’t usually available anywhere else. Borough Market is as global as London, since in it you find food from all over the world. The variety was incredible from fresh fruits and vegetables, to fish and meats, to Italian cheeses and focaccia, Greek olives and French sweets and also exotic dishes. The stalls are very nicely decorated and I was in heaven when I got to a spice shop. I tend to get carried away and buy whatever I do not find at home and here it was inevitable. I will do another post dedicated to markets I have been to, with more details also on Borough Market. Well this short trip, since we just had 3 full days in the city, was just perfect in terms of timing. I managed to get all the shots I wanted, done some sightseeing and some shopping as well.

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