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Call it wanderlust, travel bug, addiction… whatever it is, it hit me really hard! It has been six years now that I have this insane desire to explore as many places as possible and my travel bucket list keeps getting longer and longer. It was not the first time I had travelled, but before I was too young to remember and going on a trip alone with your friends is completely different than going with your parents. I went to Milan in Italy which happens to still be my favourite country to travel to. It was an eye-opening experience and I enjoyed this trip so much that the same year I traveled three times. When living in a small country like Malta, going to a big city like Milan is surely something that leaves its imprints in your mind. However, looking back now I realise how in fact the cultures of Maltese and Italians are similar, but for me at that time it was something completely different from home. From that moment on all I could think of is where and when I am going to next. I just live for that thrill of when you are on a plane and it takes off and worry that I do not have enough time to visit all the places in my bucket list.

In the meantime I do lots and lots of research and read travel blogs and websites. For the time being I visited 144 cities, 13 countries and 2 continents and that represents 9% of the world (according to Trip Advisor). My objective is to visit Asia and South America in the following years and hopefully tick a couple of countries off my 50-country-long bucket list. I have visited over 25% of the countries which I wanted to, so I guess I am on the right track. Below is a summary of my bucket list for anyone interested in getting some ideas for any upcoming trip.


Africa Americas Oceania

01. ItalyYes
02. FranceYes
03. SwitzerlandYes
04. AustriaYes
05. LichtensteinYes
06. Greece Yes
07. Sweden
08. Norway
09. SpainYes
10. Netherlands
11. Belgium
12. Czech Republic
13. Scotland
14. Portugal Yes
15. Croatia
16. Denmark
17. United Kingdom Yes
18. Slovenia
19. Iceland
20. GermanyYes
21. Japan
22. Thailand Yes
23. Malaysia Yes
24. Indonesia Yes
25. Vietnam
26. Cambodia
27. Philippines
28. Myanmar
29. Nepal
30. Jordan
31. South AfricaYes
32. MadagascarYes
33. MauritiusYes
34. Kenya
35. Tanzania
36. Namibia
37. Botswana
38. Morocco
39. Brazil Yes
40. Peru
41. Venezuela
42. Mexico
43. Costa Rica
44. Cuba
45. Galapagos (Ecuador)
46. Canada
47. USA
48. Australia
49. New Zealand
50. French Polynesia

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