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Sleeping in an igloo has always been on my travel bucket list as it is an experience like no other. There are a few places in the world where this can be done namely in Lapland and another few locations in the Alps where there are ice igloos.

Finding an igloo where to sleep for New Yearโ€™s Eve was not the easiest of tasks as this trip was only planned 3 months before. For some of you this may seem a reasonable time, however this is one of the peak seasons here in Lapland and finding an accommodation is not the easiest of jobs, so you may consider planning well ahead to find the best compromise between quality and price.

Why I chose an Igloo in Levi?

The most famous glass igloo accommodation in Finnish Lapland is without any doubt in Kakslautten. There is a choice between glass igloos and chalets with igloos as well. However getting to this location involves getting another flight from Helsinki. Moreover, you have 24 hour darkness during this time of the year! I was not ready for that. At least in Sirkka, near Levi Ski resort you have a couple of hours of natural light. This was primarily the reason why we chose an igloo more to the south.

Getting to Levi ski resort

We got to Levi by car, after an overnight train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Forget about the trains you are used to, as here it is a totally different standard. You can book your own cabin with beds and even a private toilet with shower! This option is cheaper when compared to an overnight stay in Helsinki and a flight. But if you are not keen on spending the night in a train and driving in these conditions, there is another option; that of flying directly to Kittila Airport and then making your way to Levi by taxi (20 minutes away) or ask your accommodation to book a transfer for you.

The Golden Crown Levin Iglut

You know I do not usually write about accommodation as I feel this is not the objective of this travel blog. However, staying in these igloos was an experience in itself and I believe that the trip wouldnโ€™t have been the same if I hadnโ€™t spent a night here. These glass igloos are on a whole other level. The level of luxury of this place is incredible and it feels as magical as it seems in the photo (maybe more). They are very comfortable and well equipped.

As soon as you get in, you have a bathroom on the right and a small kitchen on the left (donโ€™t worry the glass in this part is opaque and no one will see you while you are taking a shower hahaa). The kitchen has coffee making facilities as well as a microwave, if you wish to prepare some food and stay cosy inside. Then you have a bed under the transparent glass with a sofa and also two armchairs. One last feature of this igloo is the motorised bed! Yes exactly! This will help you see better the Northern Lights, if you are lucky enough to see them. We were not that lucky but seeing the snow falling on the roof of the igloo while staying in a cosy bed was equally magical.

Book your stay in Golden Crown Levin Iglut

Nearby things to do

The snow village hotel

This hotel is entirely made of ice and apart from having an interesting collection of ice sculptures, which this year revolved around the theme of Game of Thrones, you can opt to sleep here. However, even the beds are made of ice, so you must be ready to endure the cold!

Levi Ski resort

This is one of the top ski resorts in Finland and is well equipped with skiing pistes for all levels. It is not exactly a very high mountain like the Alps, but more like a hill. However the range of activities is well varied like snowboarding, snow shoeing, reindeer rides etc. There are also parks for children with activities like tyre sliding, sledging, treasure hunts and lots of animation.

Sirkka centre

The centre of Sirkka next to Levi ski resort is full of souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. There is also a small Christmas market selling typical Finnish products like knives, reindeer hides, gloves, scarves etc.

There are several activities that can be done here like going on a snow mobile, aurora hunting, husky rides etc. Check out my other post on the top things to do in Lapland. Most of these activities are also available in the nearby Rovaniemi where we opted to stay longer and done some of these activities. However you can base all your stay in Levi and choose from the numerous activities offered here. The tourist website of Levi ski resort can help you out planning your stay here.

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  • Amy Alton says:

    I would think a big attraction of the glass igloo would be to see the northern lights…did you see any?

    • Lenise Calleja says:

      I wasn’t that lucky. I spent 7 nights in the area but no signs of Northern lights unfortunately. It’s a good excuse to return ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nicola says:

    It looks like an amazing experience. I’d love to do this and photograph the landscape but I’m afraid I’d be freezing too much. Your photos are stunning.

    • Lenise Calleja says:

      It is very cold and staying outside for too much is a little difficult. You have to wear adequate clothing. However these glass igloos are very cosy and you can enjoy the stunning scenery from a cosy bed with light clothes! That is why this experience is so amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • oh my gosh! This looks incredible! I would love to stay in an igloo! Looks so beautiful!

  • Carmelatte says:

    One of my bucket list! I have to do it before I turn 30 ๐Ÿ™‚ It must have been a great experience! Thanks for this post, you have inspired me to do it next winter

    • Lenise Calleja says:

      I have done it at 29 hehe! But there is actually no age limit to do it..just do it whenever you have the right opportunity!

  • Sonia Mallia says:

    Hi Lenise
    A big well done for your posts first of all!
    May i ask some questions
    When arriving in Rovaniemi we have to drive to Levi to stay for 1 night in a glass igloo?
    Then we have to drive back to Rovaniemi to spend 6 nights there.
    Am i correct pls?
    Thanks in advance

    • Lenise Calleja says:

      Thanks for your positive feedback. That is exactly what we have done. After the overnight train we arrived to Rovaniemi and drove directly to Levi ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Angela Hiestand says:

    Dear LenisI have been in Lapland but did not stay in an igloo. Looks beautiful. Next time perhaps. We were there in January about 5 years ago. I liked it but if we go again I would choose another month where the days are longer. We only had a few hours of daylight (3) and although itโ€™s beautiful because of all the snow I would prefer to go when there is still snow but more daylight. By February itโ€™s already better.

    • Lenise Calleja says:

      Dear Angela, staying in a glass igloo was one of the highlights of our trip to Lapland so I highly recommend it. I agree with you on the daylight, the days are so short during December and January and if anyone has the opportunity to visit during longer days I would recommend that. Unfortunately I cannot travel whenever I want because of my work.

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