Turkey Travel Photography

I took all these shots during our stopovers in Istanbul – a city that lies on two continents: Europe and Asia. This is reflected in numerous aspects of its culture such as the food, the architecture, the religion and the mentality overall. Istanbul has been a renowned trading hub for centuries.  One thing that impressed me here was the great quantity of shops that sell all kinds of things.

Our favourite spot was the grand bazaar. Here you can admire a variety local arts from chandeliers to silver and gold and terracotta bowls etc. At every corner you can smell the aroma of spices coming from the tiny shops that sell not only spices but several kinds of teas. Yes and tea here is not just tea. In Istanbul you can find all kinds of teas infused with herbs and flowers like roses, cinnamon, clover etc. I really loved this place as apart from being a treat to the senses, it also offered several photographic opportunities.

Other landmarks in this gallery include the Blue Mosque, a fine example of Islamic art, and the Hagia Sophia Museum. Food was another highlight of our short visit to Turkey. We went to a typical restaurant which serves testi kebabi. This traditional plate is cooked and served in terracotta. This dish comes with a show whereby the waiter comes with a flaming charcoal tray and the terracotta which contains the food. It was truly spectacular but most of all delicious with a fusion of Mediterranean vegetables together with oriental spices.

Istanbul is a city as many others, in some aspects European like its modern and efficient transport systems, in other aspects Islamic as you hear the call for prayers from the Mosques. Maybe not everyone is comfortable with this but for me this is just intriguing and exciting, and learning about different cultures is what makes travel such an inspiring experience.

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