Thailand Travel Photography

Thailand is a must for anyone visiting South East Asia and these are the impressions I got of this country. The journey started in Bangkok, the busiest city I have ever been too. A city with lots of people walking around, traffic and also plenty of commercial activity from shops to street vendors. The trip to the floating market was the highlight of the first part of our trip to Thailand since here the photographic opportunities here were countless.

We then flew to Phuket and visited the iconic James Bond island in the Phang Nga National Park and Koh Phi Phi. I cannot say I was impressed by the clear waters of Thai beaches since I have seen better. Beaches are often too crowded and there is not sense of respect to nature whatsoever. Thailand is the most over rated country I have ever been to so far, however I would like to visit again and go to the less crowded areas in the hope that it can live up to the expectations we had and still have about this country.

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