Switzerland Travel Photography

Switzerland is a beautiful country. Yet it is one of those places which I do not yet afford to spend an entire holiday in. All my visits to Switzerland have been short trips and each time I am mesmerised by the immense natural beauty of this country. I visited Switzerland from West to East as well as the Southern Part. I haven’t yet made it to the north but it is surely on my bucket list. The landscapes never failed to amaze me and I was lucky enough to visited Switzerland in all four seasons. Each season brings new beauty to this amazing country; from the lush greenery in Summer, to snow capped peaks in Spring, the yellowish tints of Autumn and the magical white in Winter.

It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, yet it is also very expensive. A small tip, consider visiting from nearby less expensive countries like, Austria, Italy or France and spend the minimum nights possible here. Switzerland is rather a small country thus visiting various areas for day trips is a good way of visiting most of the country without spending a fortune.

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