Spain Travel Photography

Each time I visited Spain I was positively surprised and soon this country became my second favourite Mediterranean country. The people are warm, they enjoy their life, the food is delicious and the climate is similar to my homeland. All these elements made me feel at home. I also began to learn Spanish after my first visited. Knowing some basic Spanish is absolutely necessary here as the wide majority of Spanish hardly know a word of English.

My first visit was in Barcelona and Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava. Barcelona is a beautiful city with lots of interesting places. My favouriteย  attraction was the Fountain of Montjuic. Whereas for the vibrant nightlife the Ramblas and Barceloneta area are the places to be. Then I went north along the Costa Brava. The crystal clear waters here are a must (although I must say that the sea is quite cold here) and the boat trip to another beach is very enjoyable and relaxing.

I visited Spain again a couple of years after and went to Madrid in January. This time the trip was the total opposite of the first one, I stayed in the city and it was quite cold. This was my first proper photographic trip (the first one with an SLR) and I had planned out every minute of it to take some good shots of the city and also its surroundings. I was quite happy with the results being my first trip and I hope to return again to this wonderful country again (especially in Barcelona area) to take some more pictures and capture the magic of Spain.

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