Mauritius Travel Photography

The island of Mauritius is a volcanic island renowned for its luxurious resorts and white sandy beaches. But Mauritius is not just that, since at its interior one can find mountainous landscapes and waterfalls. Mauritius was the ending part of a month-long trip in Africa. It is a good destination to relax and unwind. Beaches are pristine and sunsets here are among the most amazing I have ever seen. There is nothing better than seeing sunset from a beach. It is an easy destination for a road trip as well. Roads are not very hectic and beach hopping can be easily done by car. Mauritius offers a lot of water sports activities like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, boat trips etc. There are resorts which include some or all of such activities in the room rate. However since we had limited time we did not try any of these activities.

Mauritius is a cultural melting pot with strong Hindu, Muslim and Chinese influences. This is the aspect that surprised me the most about this country. In fact the highlight of our trip in Mauritius were the Ganesha celebrations on our last day. Ganesha Chaturthi is a Hindu festival that is celebrated during the first days of September. During this celebration statues representing the Ganesha God are immersed in the water. Witnessing this festival was a truly unique experience.

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