Malaysia Travel Photography

These are the impressions I got of Malaysia, a culturally-diverse country which offers an array of activities to its visitors. From busy cities like Kuala Lumpur, to greenery in its Cameron Highlands. Beautiful temples are spread all across the country and historical sights together beautiful beaches are the main characteristics of Georgetown Penang. However the highlight of Malaysia for me was the food! You can get an idea from the pictures of the numerous tasty dishes I ate.

The food reflects the multiculturalism that characterises this country. Malay cuisine ranges from the Chinese-Malay β€˜Nonya’ cuisine to the Indian curries, Chinese buffets and Malay and Thai food stalls. Our journey started in the busy capital of Malaysia. Next we went on a road trip towards the north west part of the peninsula from the Cameron Highlands to Ipoh and then over to the island of Penang. The beauty of this country lies within the fusion of its diversity from the different religions and temples to the variety of landscapes and the wildlife they host.

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