Finland Travel Photography

Finland has appeared in my bucket list only after I learned about the huge photographic opportunities it offers. From boreal forests to frozen lakes, but most of all the magical Aurora Borealis. Considering my timings, this was a last minute trip. I booked only 3 months before departure, which for me a short time for planning. Moreover, I decided to go for New Year which happens to be the busiest period in Lapland. However this trip turned out to be a very relaxing one. Days are short and I am not a big fan of going around in the cold dark arctic nights. My favourite shots have been taken during my first day in Lapland during the sunrise/sunset time. There is no distinction between them, just a long time where magical skies illuminate the landscapes with red hues. Another highlight was also sleeping in an igloo. This experience perfectly embodies any winter wonderland dream you may have, as you are able to admire the snowy landscape from the warmth and comfort of your glass igloo. Finally I spent some time in Helsinki where I captured the vibrant life of the Finnish Capital which was still under the Christmas atmosphere.

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