England Travel Photography

I am not a big fan of England. However to be honest I haven’t visited well the place as I have only been twice to London. London is a very busy city and everyone seems to be rushing to go somewhere. It is also a city with lots of things to do but apart from the stereotyped places like the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, my favourite spot was Borough Market.

Borough Market is as global as London, since in it you find food from all over the world. The variety was incredible from fresh fruits and vegetables, to fish and meats, to Italian cheeses and focaccia, Greek olives and French sweets and also exotic dishes. The stalls are very nicely decorated and I was in heaven when I got to a spice shop. I tend to get carried away and buy whatever I do not find at home and here it was inevitable. Maybe in the future I will have another opportunity to visit other parts of England like Cornwall area or the Cotswolds which are in my bucket list. I hope to visit other cities in England as well especially in the North. I have also visited Wales, which also forms part of the British Isles.

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