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We couldn’t visit Corsica without visiting the most famous beaches in the South. We left this part for the end of our trip on purpose as I had seen incredibly beautiful photos of these places and our expectations were high. The south eastern part of Corsica has an infinite number of beautiful beaches; and I would suggest choosing your base next to one of the beaches if you are visiting in Summer.

Places to visit in Southern Corsica:

Even though you will spend ample time swimming and on the beach, you may wish to visit the beautiful surroundings. We are not the type of people who spend too much time at one place without exploring the surroundings. So if you are like us, you may wish to check out the places to visit in southern Corsica below:

Santa Giulia as our base

We chose the beach of Santa Giulia as our base. There are several options for accommodation; all on the expensive side mind you! But I had seen so many beautiful photos of this beach that I decided to choose it as our base, as for our last day we wanted to lazy out on the beach. Moreover it is close to Porto Vecchio, where there is a harbour from which depart most boat trips and a boat trip is a definite must if you are in the area. The beach of Santa Giulia even though very popular is still very beautiful, especially in the early morning before the crowds arrive. Even though it is very popular and you will surely won’t be alone on the beach, you will still manage to find a quiet spot as the beach is quite large. You may choose to rent sunbeds (which occupy a small area on both ends of the beach) or wish to stay under the shade of the trees at the back of the beach. There are also places where you can take a snack, water sports, a small grocer where to buy the basic needs and 2 small piers from which small boats can take you to nearby other beaches.

Take a boat trip from Porto Vecchio

As mentioned above, a boat trip is a definite MUST if you are in Corsica, especially in the south. We wanted to make the most of our day at sea and following online recommendations and reviews we opted for a tip to the Îles Cerbicales, Îles Lavezzi and also the archipelago of the Maddalena in Sardegna with Croisiere Exclusive. I must say it was a highlight of our trip and everyone’s favourite day out at sea. The boats are luxurious, not over crowded so that everyone can have his privacy and we managed to see a lot with ample free time for swimming in every stop.

Îles Cerbicales

Îles Lavezzi

La Maddalena in Sardegna

Lac de l’Ospedale

If you want to take a break from the beach this artificial lake will be close by. It is located approximately 40 minutes away from Santa Giulia and it is also close to the waterfall of Piscia di Ghjaddu.


In Corsica you are never too far from the mountains. Zonza is just an hour away from Santa Giulia and is a very picturesque mountain village. There are a couple of shops selling local products, some restaurant and souvenir shops. It is one of those picturesque Corsican villages immersed in greenery!

Col de Bavella

This mountain pass is located close to the village of Zonza and you can combine these two locations if you wish to take a day trip away from the beach and get into some physical activity. There are several hiking routes shaded in the pine trees if you wish to stay away from the scorching heat. Several paths are available according to your physical fitness and time available. You may also just visit for a shorter time and stop at the restaurant to relax and take in the views.


Bonifacio is the southernmost tip of the Corsican island, from which you will feel so close to Sardegna. On clear days you will be able to see very clearly the Costa Smeralda shoreline. The Italian feel is not just in the view but also as you walk along the narrow streets in the Citadel. Bonifacio is quite a popular destination with tourists and I would recommend visiting in the evening as there are less crowds. The citadel is built on top of a cliff overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio and its skyline is truly impressive; as if it were standing alone some 70m above the sea! The main attractions in Bonifacio are the Genoa Gate, the Churches of Santa Maria Maggiore and Saint Dominique, the stairway of the King of Aragon and the Marine Cemetery.

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