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Diaries from Provence

By 02/07/2015March 12th, 20202 Comments

I can’t call this a proper photographic trip because it was just a short holiday with my family, however I couldn’t miss this opportunity to take some good shots. In these three days I travelled across the Provence region from Marseille and Cassis,  Nice, Monaco, Èze and Gorges du Verdon. I couldn’t miss visiting and a couple of lovely quaint villages off the beaten track like Aiguines and Régusse with its windmills and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (my favourite) with several shops selling lavender products. My itinerary was very tight and I did not manage to visit all the places in my list however I can say that I reached my #1 objective; capturing some beautiful shots of the lavender fields which are in bloom in June and July.

Apart from the lavender fields, the biggest highlight of this region is its coast. The sea here is just amazingly blue and my instinct was to stop every couple of meters to take a photo. Obviously this is not possible during such a short trip and I had to limit myself to just a couple of stops along the way. The coast in Nice area is wonderful and a lot of people were enjoying the beach. This area is quite touristic especially in the summer months and all the streets were full of foreigners but also other French who visit this region for their holidays. Since the days were very long we managed to visit a lot of places in just a couple of days.

Below are the best shots I took during this weekend. Clicking on the photos will give you all the details on the locations as well as the settings used for each shot.

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  • Wow – you covered so much ground in 3 days! Love how you’ve captured the region – the colours really do shine in this part of France. Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is one of my favourite villages too, I love the dramatic backdrop!

    • Lenise Calleja says:

      Yes if you go in Summer the days are long and you will be able to explore a lot! I love every part of France but Provence has something special 🙂

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