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Places to visit in central Slovakia

Bojnice Castle

One of the most romantic castles in Europe

The medieval castle in Bojnice is one of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen. It is set on a hill and surrounded by a nice pond in which there are swans and ducks; just like a fairy tale! It dates back to the 11th century and it reminded me of the Loire valley castles in France. The interior features a collection of works of art as well as antique furniture. However you may also wish to walk around the castle and admire its exterior for free since it is in the middle of a park. Visiting in Autumn made this place even more magical as the hues of oranges and browns nicely complemented the colours of the stone.


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Banská Štiavnica

The ideal spot for a coffee break

This small town, home to 10,000 people is the ideal place to break down your drive from Bratislava to the Tatras. It is very tranquil and picturesque, with a good choice of cafes along its main road. The town lies amidst the forests and mountains and is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Banská Štiavnica is one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia as well as the oldest mining town of the country. Apart from Trinity Square dominated by the plague column, this elegant town also offers its visitors the opportunity to visit two castles. These have now been transformed into museums. You can also learn more about the past of this mining town by visiting the mining museum.


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Banská Bystrica

The elegant heart of Slovakia

This is another place where you can stop if you are driving to or from the Tatras mountains. If time permits you may even wish to spend some time here, since there are quite a few things to do in the area apart from the historical centre of the Banská Bystrica. This is a larger city, with around 78k inhabitants making it the 6th most populated city in Slovakia. Again this city was famous for copper mining during the Middle ages. While nowadays the main industries of the city are tourism, timber and mechanical. This is both a winter and a summer destination, due to its proximity to the mountains. The main square is full of colourful buildings, restaurants and cafes. Right outside the city there are several things to do like Harmanecká Cave, the forest of Badínsky prales and the Geopark which reminds us of the origins of this city which lies in the heart of Slovakia.


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