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Merry Christmas the traditional way

By 25/12/2016August 24th, 2018No Comments

After a long-haul summer holiday it usually takes me some time to get back recover both financially as well in terms of time. Processing thousands of photos takes months and until December I usually stay quiet and take a pause from taking new photos. However since it is my passion I miss it a lot and as soon as I have some free time I go out and take some pictures.

I have been wishing to visit the famous crib representation in Ghajnsielem, Gozo for the past few years and this year luckily I managed to visit this magical place. It offers visitors a representation from the past and mixes Maltese traditions with what life used to  be around two thousand years ago in Israel. One of my favourite areas were the setting of the traditional cave where Jesus was born, illuminated with oil lamps and warmed by the heat of animals.

However the best was reserved for last in this case. When I was just leaving this crib I noticed that there was a woman working on the traditional Gozitan lace using ‘combini’. I had been going to Gozo for years in search of a lady still working lace the traditional way. I was overwhelmed when I saw her and I couldn’t help myself from admiring her quick yet precise movements with the hands to follow the pattern she was working on.

Spending the holiday season in Malta is quite rewarding as a number of events are organised during this period. We do not have a white Christmas and it is highly likely, like this year, that on Christmas day you get a cloudless blue skies. Getting to Malta is quite easy, so if you want a last minute rewarding destination, Malta is probably your best choice!

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