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Iguazu falls: how small are we?

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One of the objectives I write on my website is that I try to make the people who follow my posts and view my photos love the world we live in, a little bit more. We live on an extraordinary planet, filled with beautiful places and most of the time we do not appreciate it. Iguazu falls is one of those magical places that makes you feel extremely small, since the waterfalls are so huge and majestic that humans seem minuscule beings, when compared to the majesty of this place.

Iguazu falls are the largest complex of waterfalls in the world, so much so, that visiting them well entails two days. The Iguazu river forms the natural border between Argentina and Brazil and when visiting Iguazu it is a must to visit both the Argentinian side and the Brazilian one. We obviously did both and we were impressed at every sight of the immense quantity of waters. Most of the waterfalls (around 275) are located on the Argentinian side along a 2.7 km stretch of forest. The complex is so big that going from one end of the waterfall to the other entails even a train ride inside the park! This experience is not complete without a boat ride inside the waterfall. Get ready to end up dripping wet but it is totally worth it, since feeling the force of the water directly on your skin is a priceless adventure!

The Brazilian side is easier since there is just one trail to be followed, and the waterfalls are seen in their entirety from a distance. However it is the Brazilian side that is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world since you can see the entire waterfalls at one time.

The constant feeling we had while in Iguazu was that we were like inside a movie, the Avatar type of movie, where the scenery was so beautiful and perfect that seemed surreal. This was surely one of the most breath-taking places we have ever been to! A place that makes you feel small in front of such beauty and also thankful that you have witnessed this scenery with your own eyes.

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