Vote for your favourite photos of 2016

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Choosing the best photos is always difficult since I am emotionally attached. Sometimes even if the photo is not spectacular I love it just because it reminds of the moment I took it and what was behind it. That is why I need your help! I chose three photos from each of the following categories and I would like you opinion on which one is your favourite. I appreciate your feedback and hope that your votes on the following photos will help me improve my photography:

[totalpoll id=”3950″]
[totalpoll id=”3956″]
[totalpoll id=”3961″]
[totalpoll id=”3982″]
[totalpoll id=”3965″]
[totalpoll id=”3968″]
[totalpoll id=”3972″]
[totalpoll id=”3975″]
[totalpoll id=”3979″]
[totalpoll id=”3985″]
[totalpoll id=”3994″]

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