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The Egadi islands had long been on my bucket list and I had seen so many photos of their crystalline waters and pristine beaches that I made it a point to include at least a day trip this time. Going in March is far from being the ideal time to visit. Well it depends on what you are looking for. I loved it even though we were not able to go beach hopping with a boat as I had hoped. We were not able to dip in the turquoise waters as it was too cold. However, we were able to get a good taste of the main island of the Egadi, without tourists. Actually I think we were the only tourists visiting Favignana. We were able to experience a different aspect; life on this tiny island during the majority of the year.

You surely don’t risk to get lost on Favignana. The ferry will take you to the main harbour of the island which is also the main village. You can start by walking along the beach and then visit the centre of the village afterwards. Another option would be to rent a quad bike or jeep and go beach hopping. Another highlight of the island is surely the delicious food, mainly seafood . There is no doubt that your food will be fresh, most often coming directly from the fishermen’s daily catch.

Here are some simple facts on the island:

The People

The population of the main village of the islands (Favignana) is around 3,400. Most of them work in the fishing industry or in tourism. Tourism here is very seasonal and most of the tourists only visit during the summer months. In fact most of the accommodations and restaurants were closed in March, when we visited. In a few words life is simple on these islands; the main hub is the main square of Favignana with a few bars and shops and people come here for their basic needs.

The Island

The total area of Favignana, which is the largest island is around 20km2 . However the Egadi islands are composed of other two islands which are smaller: Marettimo and Levanzo. The distance from mainland (Trapani): 28km / 45 mins with fast ferry and these ferries run daily and you can check more details on their timings and costs on the website Siremar. The other option to get to the islands is by joining a tour which will also take you around the beaches. These kind of tours usually operate daily in summer.

The Food

Food is always a very important factor influencing my opinion on a place. Usually my favourite places apart from being scenic, must also include a nice place to enjoy local food. Nothing fancy; just simple good food. Finding a spot where to enjoy a good meal in March was not easy as most of the restaurants were closed. However we found one next to the main beach that did not fail to impress. You cannot visit Favignana without trying some local fresh fish or seafood. The pasta with prawns we ate here was simply delicious.

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