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Planning a trip

I usually start planning a trip months (sometimes years) ahead! I know it might seem exaggerated. However you cannot just go somewhere take a couple of pictures and expect to obtain stunning results. First I start researching on the place. Trying to find the best spots to take a photo of that famous landmark or a place to stop for that wonderful panorama is very time-consuming. Secondly I save a lot of images of the places I want to photograph that I find inspiring. Pinterest is a very good medium to do this.

In my opinion Google Maps is the greatest invention after the internet. It is very useful for planning that trip. It helps to you to find that famous place you always wanted to photograph. Finally after finding the perfect spot for your shot you need to be there at the right time. Therefore I research beforehand the sunrise and sunset time. I meticulously plan every minute of my trips because I want to find the perfect light when I get to the place.

As they always in photography you learn the rules and then break them. Case in point is the image above, which was taken during my trip in Tuscany. This shot was not planned at all and it was taken on the way back from Cinque Terre. While we were driving I saw this stunning vineyard during sunset. I knew I had to stop to take this photo! Even though it was totally unplanned it is one of my favourite images taken in Italy.

A special thanks here goes to my patient husband Daniel who is willing to accompany me on all my trips and gives me all his support. Sometimes he is the one who carries tripod, laptop, tablet etc. and all the equipment I carry with me while travelling. Thank you!

Photographic Adventures

I have started planning photographic adventures. These are trips for small groups of people who have a passion for photography like I do. As explained earlier planning trips like these is very time-consuming so I do not these trips very often. To keep yourself updated you can subscribe to my mailing list here and I will send you all the information by email regarding any upcoming photographic adventures.

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