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This was the beginning of my first ever photographic adventure and I was so excited about it, as this has been my dream for years. I worked hard to get here and planned everything to the minimum detail, from the choice of destination to the timings in order to be at the right place at the right time. Our main destination was the northern part of the country, however like most of the trips we started in Athens. I usually avoid the crowds in the cities since I hate the masses, but you cannot go to Athens without visiting the hill of the Acropolis. Doing so with an archaeological guide is without any doubt the best way to do so and Eva was the best guide we could wish for. Her passion for the Greek culture is transmitted through the enthusiasm she has when she describes the history of these temples. Her descriptions were in depth and interesting and helped us understand and fall in love with the Greek myths behind the construction and use of these temples. As Eva described the style and architecture of these temples I could recall what I had studied in history over 15 years ago and I felt as everything was falling into place.

Sometimes when we are at school we are too young to appreciate what we are studying. However after all these years, I cannot describe in words the sense of joy mixed with pride, when I knew what she was talking about. The same goes with what I had studied about democracy in the Systems of Knowledge about 10 years ago. At the time it all felt useless and I hated this subject as it was imposed on me. What I had learned was so important for the history of civilisation and was so modern for those times that we wouldn’t live the life we are living in the western world today. What impressed me the most is the fact that these temples have undergone so much in history, from destruction to transformation into churches, yet they are still standing and fascinating the thousands of visitors that they get each day. Before visiting the Acropolis hill we also had time to walk around the Plaka district which is the oldest part of Athens and is very picturesque. This area is full of artisan shops and cafes along vine covered alleys and stairs. We visited early in the morning so we were able to roam around freely, the only company we had was that of stray cats 🙂

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