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Livigno is a tiny alpine village located in the region of Lombardia in Northern Italy who made its fortune mainly after becoming a skiing destination. I have visited various similar destinations in Italy, Switzerland and Austria but I was amazed by the beauty of this location and can state that the magic of Livigno cannot be found anywhere else.

1. More than just skiing

Apart from skiing which I highly recommend when visiting this place and is still my favourite activity, there is myriad of other snow related activities like snowboarding, sledging, jet bikes, horse riding that make Livigno as a destination for all ages.

2. More than just an alpine village

On a beautiful sunny morning I decided to take a walk and getting lost in the outskirts of the village. I got to the frozen lake and waterfall with hardly anyone else in the surroundings. The harmony and peaceful sensations you get to experience here are priceless. You can also opt to go up the summits of the surrounding mountains with spectacular views over the peaks as well as the tiny village below.

3. More than just nightlife

As stated before I have been to other similar skiing destinations but the positive vibes and entertainment here is to be found nowhere else. People socialising and moving around does not happen only in the bars (which mind you here are very numerous), but you have music on the ski pistes and on top of the mountains! The party is ongoing and you surely do not get bored here.

4. More than just shopping

I am not a shopping lover but how can you resist bars of chocolate that are just half (sometimes less) the price that you find at home? Or photographic equipment that is two thirds of the price we have here in Malta? Livigno is a duty free haven and the prices here are not like the fake duty free at the airports, you can actually make big deals!

5. More than just food

Although just 10 km from the border with Switzerland this is still Italy and you are reminded of this each time you dig in that delicious plate of Pizzoccheri alla valtellinese or sip in that Bombardino. You always get it right anywhere you eat here, but don’t miss a pizza from Bait del Ghet which makes the most popular pizza in town. However you need to wait for at least 30 minutes to be given a table as this pizzeria does not take any reservations and is very popular. Or else you can take your pizza as take away.

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