This is a collection of food from all around the world, including my kitchen ­čÖé When I travel I love to experience new flavours of local dishes and maybe try to replicate them when I get back home. My favourite cuisines are Mediterranean and Asian, however I love to experiment with all kinds of flavours and ingredients. From time to time I post some┬árecipes on my blog┬áas well, so stay tuned! Food photography is not straight forward and can be quite tricky. The most challenging in my opinion is getting the correct lighting, as I don’t have a studio and most of these shots where taken while travelling. Therefore I have to try to capture the best angle with the available light, which is usually quite bad in restaurants. The situation gets even more complicated┬áwhen you are outside, like the Asian street markets. However, my biggest obstacle┬áis the fact that when I have the food in front of me, it’s quite difficult to resist tasting it. I rarely photograph food at home since I am always super hungry and too eager to try it. I keep on saying, I will cook this plate again and take a photo┬ánext time. I need to work on resisting this temptation! Finally,┬áI believe that┬áthe most important element in capturing food┬áis trying to whet the appetite of the viewer and I try to do my best at con