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Flores – A quest to the west

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Has it ever happened to you that you cannot sleep because you cannot wait to start exploring your new destination? Well here I am writing this post at 5:00 am...

What makes the Azores so unique?

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As we travelled across Central and Eastern São Miguel we learned more about the uniqueness of these islands. Politically the Azores are still part of Europe yes, however they are also...

Volcanic lakes in Western São Miguel

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At first you may think these islands are small and a couple of days will be enough to visit the entire island. You are so wrong! There are so many...

Where are the Azores exactly?

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Here is the answer to the many of you who asked this question: Volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. I have repeated this over and over again as almost nobody...

Wonders of Northern Madagascar

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Before dreaming of going to Madagascar bear in mind that it is difficult to get around alone in this forgotten country. Many heard about it for the first time thanks...

Markets from around the world: Dos and Dont’s

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Markets are always on top of my to do list when I travel. They can be dirty, smelly and sometimes you have to wake up early to visit one. Why...

About Me

My name is Lenise and I am a photographer based in Zurrieq, Malta. I just love taking photos and see the work of other photographers who inspire me. Photography started just as a hobby for me while this passion grew bigger and bigger and going around to ‘capture the moment’ became one of my main goals in life. As you can see from  my portfolio I love to travel and my favourite subjects are wildlife, nature and landscapes, especially water and seascapes. However I experiment also on other types of photography such as fireworks and night photography.

My passion for photography started off when I was 16 and I bought my first digital camera. It was an HP Photosmart M417 and I didn’t have any basic idea of photography. I just started to take pictures in ‘Auto’ mode, since this camera had no manual settings. I managed to take a couple of good pictures (in my opinion) as regards composition and subject choice, however I was well aware that its lens was not of good quality.

After a couple of years this camera broke down and I decided to go for a bridge camera. I opted for a Canon Powershot SX10 IS. I think I made a good choice since I was happy with its features. I began to read about exposure time, aperture value, ISO speed, composition rules, white balance etc. since I wanted to use every feature of the camera. I was not happy of just taking pictures in Auto mode, and when I started to take pictures in Manual mode I immediately noted the difference in the quality of my pictures. This is when I started to take my hobby more seriously and eventually bought a DSLR; a Nikon D5100. This is when I started off as a stock photographer and continued my portfolio as I ticked off several destinations around the globe. I visited several destinations in Europe and after my first trip outside the continent I launched this website back in 2014. I later switched to a full frame DSLR, buying a Nikon D750. I am really happy with the performance of this camera, especially in low light situations.

Nowadays I am a stock photographer and my photos are available for sale on various stock websites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia, 123RF among others. I specialise in Travel photography and have visited several countries, in the hope to widen my portfolio as much as possible.

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